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Built-in Commands


qASIC comes with a lot of built in commands. These commands can be disabled through the configuration file.


clearclr, clsClears the console.
echoprintEchos a message.
help-Displays a list of commands. Depending on your config you can display a detailed description of a command by running help <command name>
versioninfo, aboutDisplays current game version.
specificationhardware, specs,Displays system specification.
exitquitCloses the game. This command is disabled by default on webGL builds.
sceneloadscene, level, loadlevelLoads the specified scene or prints current scene's name.
scenelist-Displays list of all available scenes.
timescale-Changes the time scale
fovfieldofviewChanges camera field of view.
changesettingchangesettings, settings, setting, option, options, changeoptionChanges the specified setting's value in the Options System.
settinglistsettingslist, listsettingsChanges the specified setting's value in the Options System.
audioparameterchangeparameter, changeaudioparameterChanges the specified audio parameters value. If you add % at the end of the number, it will parse it as volume.
debugdisplayer-Toggles the debug displayer.
cleardebugdisplayercleardebugClears the debug displayer.
inputlistlistinputDisplays a list of all actions and axes.
changeinput-Changes user input preferences.