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Options System

namespace: qASIC.Options


The Options System is a tag based settings solution. It allows you to keep settings inside their corresponding scripts (e.g. mouse sensitivity in the camera controller) and point to them from the menu. This creates a cleaner solution and is easier to work with in a team.


Without even setting up anything you are able to change settings via the console by using the changeoption command.

In order to integrate changing options into the menu, add the corresponding Menu Option component to the targeted interactable (e.g. for a slider use Options Slider) and assign the correct tag.

Built in options

resolutionControls screen resolution. Value needs to be parsed in the correct format: WIDTHxHEIGHT.
fullscreenControls the window full screen mode. You can use bool or FullScreenMode as a value.
framelimitControls the limit of frames per second.
vsyncControls the vsync count.