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Legacy Input System

The legacy input system has been replaced by Cablebox in v0.2.0.

Why the new Input System?​

The old Input System was one of the most neglected parts of qASIC. The way it was structured didn't allows for expandability nor gamepad support. Naming of components was complicated and the way input was managed left a bit to desire.

Are there any conflicts between the Input Systems?​

Updating qASIC shouldn't cause problems, however the two versions aren't compatible with each other.

  • Input Preset has been replaced by the Input Map.
  • InputManager.GetAxis has been renamed to InputManager.CreateAxis.
  • Axes can now be stored inside the Map (previously named Preset) and can be used by calling InputManager.GetMapAxis.
  • Input Map can be assigned in the project settings.
  • Set Global Input Keys has been replaced by Input Load.
  • Input System now uses Player Prefs for saving by default.
  • Input Assign will have to be re-setup.

Why does the Input System have it's own name?​

Cablebox (the new input system) has received it's own name to clear any confusion when reporting bugs or asking for support. Before, it was difficult to understand if someone was talking about Cablebox, Unity's new or legacy input solution.

Why were so many component names changed?​

During development qASIC went through a lot of refactoring and name changes. This was also the case for Cablebox, but to a far lesser extent. Most of Cablebox's naming has remained untouched since it's creation. It was very confusing and didn't make much sense. For example, the legacy Input System originally supported multiple presets (Input Maps) with the ability to set one globally by using "Set Global Input Keys". Overtime this feature proved to be very difficult to maintain, so I've decided to remove it, but the name "Set Global Input Keys" remained unchanged.

What happened to the original color?​

The old red color has been replaced with more of a pinkish one, because it was easily mistakable for an error in the Game Console. Originally this wasn't an issue, as Cablebox used to not log any messages. This changed however in the v0.2.0 update.