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Frequently Asked Questions

Can qASIC be used commercially?​


Why do updates break previous projects so often?​

qASIC is currently in beta. A lot of things aren't final, so your configuration can break from update to update.

qASIC throws errors after updating​

The Package Manager doesn't remove old files from Asset Store assets, so some updates will break previous versions. To avoid this, delete and re-import qASIC. Make sure to backup your project before doing this!

Why can't qASIC be separated into smaller packages?​

qASIC's main job is to let you start making games fast. Having to import multiple packages is a hassle and takes a very long time. qASIC's systems have been build to work with each other out of the box.

I am planning to release some systems separately in the future though after qASIC will be fully released.

What is UIM and UIS?​

UIM (Unity Input Manager) and UIS (Unity Input System) are the two Unity Input Handlers. UIS is the new replacement for UIM. The reason why qASIC uses these names, is to avoid confusion. When asking for support you will be required to specify if you're talking about UIM, UIS or Cablebox, instead of just saying "Input System", which can mean a lot of things.