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Frequently asked questions

Can qASIC be used commercially?​


Why do updates break previous projects so often?​

qASIC is currently in beta. Every major update I update old components which often aren't compatible with older versions. Once we reach version 1.0.0 everything should become more stable and backwards compatible.

Which systems are safe from breaking?​

Currently, I've reworked Cablebox Input System which is definitely safe. The Options System will be updated in 0.3.0 and it will definetely require some work to get running with older projects. Game Console and Debug Displayer might receive some small version breaking improvements, but that is still unknown.

Why can't I add qASIC via the Package Manager as a git plugin?​

When I originally released qASIC, I didn't know much about packages and proper folder structures. Currently qASIC's file structure is built in a way that makes it impossible to do that. This is going to change in a couple of updates.

Why can't qASIC be separated into smaller packages?​

qASIC's main job is to let you start making games fast. Having to import multiple packages is a hassle and takes a very long time. qASIC's systems have been build to work with each other out of the box.

I am planning to release some systems separately in the future though after qASIC will be fully released.

Why does Cablebox not support the new Input Handling?​

Currently in Unity there are 2 input handling solutions: Input Manager (legacy) and Input System. Currently qASIC only supports the first solution, as it's built in by default. There might be Input System support added in the future, but currently it doesn't work.

If you want to keep using the new Input System and Cablebox at the same time, you can change input handling to both in Player Settings.