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namespace: qASIC


qDebug makes debugging faster and easier.

Logging console messages

To log a message use qDebug.Log() or one of the other log methods.

qDebug.Log("message"); //logs a message in the default color
qDebug.Log(4f); //you can also use objects instead of messages
qDebug.Log("message", "color"); //logs a message with the color tag
qDebug.Log("message", new Color(0f, 1f, 0f)); //you can also use normal Colors

qDebug.LogWarning("message"); //logs a message in the "warning" color (yellow by default)
qDebug.LogError("message"); //logs a message in the "error" color (red by default)

Displaying debug values

qDebug can display debug values on screen using the Info Displayer with tag 'debug'.

//This will display "tag: 1" in the top left corner of the screen
qDebug.DisplayValue("tag", 1f)

The debug displayer can be customized in Project Settings/qASIC/Displayer or can be completely replaced.

By default, if the displayer doesn't exist, it will automatically generate a new one in the editor and development build.


You can create a debug displayer from the console by using the debugdisplayer command in build.

The displayer can also be cleared with cleardebugdisplayer command.